Kids Korner :: Stop + Smell the Roses, Lady!

This weekend was like any other weekend … it was jammed packed with birthday parties, sports and play dates. On Sunday, we headed to the gym and then had plans to go summer clothes shopping.  I had an awesome workout where I walked out a sweaty mess and afterwards, I grabbed the kids from the gym’s Kids’ Club and off we went.  We went a different way home and came across Rockin’ Jump.  I wanted to stop in to get some information on what it offered, birthday parties, etc. 

As I pulled in the kids were bickering, fighting and bugging the crap out of each other.  I found myself rolling my eyes and saying to myself “here we go again.” For a hot second the stopped fighting and they asked what we were doing here.  We walked in and the kids went bonkers.  There were trampolines everywhere!  There were sections for Dodge Ball, a basketball court and an area to simply hop around and burn energy. The kids BEGGED to jump.  I said NO.  We were just going to take a quick tour and then come back at another time. I explained that we had a full day planned and we needed to get back on track. 

The tour was great and I thought about when I would bring the kids back to the facility.  We got back out to the car and the kids pleaded with me to let them jump. I wanted to get home and start the day.  I just pushed though a long workout and really needed to shower. But then a light bulb went off.  Why can’t we stay?  Why can’t I let them jump for 30 minutes?  It is Sunday for crying out loud. I thought to myself, "loosen up lady!"  Our weekends are always go, go, go. I decided to take a breather, let them have some fun and do something that they wanted to do.  Back in we went.

They had a BLAST!  They jumped. They got sweaty. We laughed. They got some extra energy out.  And I got to sit there and watch my kids have fun.  There is no better reward than seeing them happy.  The rest of the afternoon they were little angels. There are always things in life that need to be done, but every now and then it is nice to ignore those things and listen to what your kids want to do (within reason, of course!)  In the end everyone was smiling, happy and joyful; and that, any day of the week, can't be beat.