The Knockoff // A Hilarious Read

Earlier this week, I had book club with a group of girlfriends -- one that I recently rejoined after a brief hiatus and thankful that I did, just in time for this laugh-out-loud read. The Knockoff was written by two fashion insiders -- Jo Piazza, the managing editor of Yahoo Travel and a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal paired up with Lucy Sykes, former fashion director at Marie Claire and most recently fashion director for Rent the Runway, to give readers a peak into what goes on behind the doors of the most exciting magazines in New York City, well, in a fictional way, of course. 

Written in the same tone as "Devil Wears Prada," the story takes place in NYC when a glossy magazine is in the midst of transitioning from a printed publication to a digital app. The editor in chief, a chic 42-year old fashion maven named Imogen, is having trouble adjusting to the transition.  Hard working journalists and editors are quickly replaced with fresh out of school 20-year old girls that are quickly writing digital content and posting it multiple times a day. Coffee is replaced with diet energy drinks and phone calls take a back seat to text messages and Snaps (aka snapchat.)  The book is a LOL (that's code for Laugh Out Loud), page turner that I read in a weekend. 

Jo Piazza, co-author of The Knockoff, wrote this great piece for Harper's Bazaar called "7 Ways to Dominate as the Office TechBitch" Says the author, "The TechBitch is any bad ass woman who works in tech, with tech, or simply uses tech to enhance her life. The trick is whether you use your TechBitch power and knowledge for good or for evil."

I find myself with one foot in the print pages and another in the digital, meaning I read and enjoy both, so I found myself understanding and appreciating both view points. Whether you're a "tech dinosaur" or a "social media wunderkind" I think you'll get a good laugh and really enjoy The Knockoff.