What I'm Reading // Link Love 9.22.15

Travel has been shifted slightly -- my flight to India, originally scheduled for yesterday was moved to tomorrow.  After returning from NYC Sunday night and with the original plan to turn around and fly right out of the country, I'm grateful for the extra days at home.  A loved one says, often, "it's always good to travel, but great to come home." While I do love traveling, coming home and sleeping in my own bed is something from which I never tire.

Rounding up a few of my favorite reads from the past week:

There's a huge movement in the apparel industry, with the convergence of fashion and technology. I watched fashion week from home this year, but was fascinated by the innovations and creativity that went into this year's event.

Do you or don't you -- Is it ever acceptable to repost someone's photo? This piece is spot on and discusses the etiquette of "regramming" on Instagram 

My friend Ada referenced this article that discusses the benefits of daydreaming! Yep.  It's good for us to completely check out -- putting the phone, iPad, computer away -- every now and again.

Are you afraid of success? This article was posted on the Genuine Joy Facebook page, but worth sharing in this forum as well. "This is why self-sabotaging behavior often doesn’t kick in at the start of a new project or venture, but once it’s become established, and when it’s starting to show signs that it’s succeeding." A well written piece on how many people self-sabotage their success based on fear OF SUCCESS.