A New Running Shoe

I've worn the same running shoe for a few years and they've served me well, but out of necessity, I decided to try another shoe and I've officially converted.

For workout clothes and fitness gear, I hands down go with Under Armour. I enjoy supporting the local brand and, frankly, I love their apparel.  But their shoes have been another story.  Short of the SpeedForm StudioLux, that I wear to the studio or when traveling, I found that there wasn't a lot of support in the training and running shoes.  Until now.

I've been in Baltimore for an unscheduled and unplanned week and without workout clothes. The Baltimore Under Armour Brand store is close by so I went in to grab a few things to last me the week.

Full disclosure - I've worn Nike running shoes for years. As I get older, I wanted something to support my feet, knees and hips and those were the ones that seemed best suited for the job. I asked the shoe specialist at UA which shoe was most like the one I had run in for years. They steered me towards a stylish shoe and home with me they went.

Bottom line: I love them.  The Women's UA Speedform® Fortis Running Shoe is my new 'go to' for running (I have the black pair).  I wore them around for a day to break them in and then ran in them the next.  They have great arch support, cushion in the ball of the foot and don't make my foot go numb.  (Have you ever had this happen? Not cool.) If you've been hesitant to give UA fitness shoes a try, fear no more. They've worked out the kinks and broken out of the uncomfortable footwear stage. 

* While I do work with Under Armour, this was not a sponsored or paid post and all opinions are my own.