Focus on the "why"

Ugh. I don't want to! I'd much rather be (fill in the blank). This is so boring.

Sound familiar? It does to me too. This comes up often when I find myself in situations where I simply "don't wanna."

But when I find I do something simple, like look at the 'why' it makes the job, task, chore much more manageable, and dare I say, enjoyable? For example, something as simple as putting the duvet cover back onto the comforter after it's been washed.  It takes time. I have to stuff each one of corners into the duvet, secure it at the end and do the same with the remaining three.  It takes all of 5-minutes, max, but for some reason I huff and puff with annoyance every, single time.  And yes, I realize as I'm writing this how silly it sounds.

But one day I changed the narrative. Yep, just like that.  I told myself "hey, this isn't so bad. It's only 5-minutes and I'll be much happier when it's done."  Simply wishing it to "be finished already," isn't going to speed up the process and most of the time, it made those 5-minutes endlessly drag on.

It's the old adage of "Just Do It." It's amazing how quickly and seamlessly mundane tasks go when I realize how much happier I'll be once it's finished, rather than saying to myself "I don't want to right now or I'll do it later." (and I try to remember the One Minute Rule, too!)

(photo via Death to the Stock Photo)