38 Fun Facts on my 38th Birthday

I've always loved having my birthday on Saint Patrick' Day. When I was younger, the leprechauns would come to our house and leave green juice -- aka dyed orange juice not the juice of green veggies-- and as I got older, it was one of those holidays that everyone wanted to celebrate, so there was never a shortage of fun.  

Today, as I celebrate my 38th birthday, I'm sharing 38 Fun Facts: 

  1. I still get excited about my birthday. Every year. Like a kid. 
  2. And Christmas. 
  3. I drink coffee every morning, but often change the way I drink it. Some morning's it's coffee with coconut milk, others it's a cappuccino and sometimes it's strait up black coffee. 
  4. I need eight-hours of sleep to function.
  5. Same goes for food -- like clock work, I need to eat every few hours.
  6. There are some nights I'm in bed before my eight-year old nephew. I'm pretty positive he goes to bed later than 8pm.
  7. The one channel I can't live without is Investigation Discovery. 
  8. If I had to pick one concert to attend, I'd have a hard time choosing between Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or FloRida. Yes, I'm basically a teenager at heart. 
  9. In life, I'm easygoing. While driving, I am not. I'm aggressive. Doug tells me I drive like I'm in a car chase sequence in a movie. 
  10. I used to sneak read when I was younger -- my parents would find me hunkered down underneath the covers with a flashlight almost every night. 
  11. This could explain why I have awful eyesight. I wear contacts and/or glasses and can't see without them.
  12. I brush and floss every night, but I don't always wash my face. 
  13. I don't like wearing make-up and most days, I don't. This is why I justify not washing my face at night. (To be clear, I do wash it when I shower!) 
  14. I'm a homebody. There's no place I'd rather be than at home, with Doug. 
  15. For my last meal, I wouldn't choose anything fancy. I would go straight for the pizza, Tex Mex and ice cream. (Again, I'm basically a teenager!)  
  16. I would rather be hurt with the truth than "protected" with a lie. 
  17. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf. 
  18. My favorite all time movie is "When a Man Loves a Women." The first time I traveled to San Fransisco, I tracked down the restaurant shown in the opening scene, walked in and started snapping photos.  
  19. The Ironman triathlon (140.6 miles) I completed in 2010 was the second hardest thing I've ever done. 
  20. I lived in an Ashram and studied yoga for six-weeks in 2009.
  21. I still use a paper calendar and am only tipping my toe in the digital calendar world. 
  22. Doug and I dated for six-years before getting engaged. He's my best friend, my rock and my partner in life all rolled into one.  Everyday, I consider myself blessed to have him in my life.
  23. I believe there is some "good" in everyone. 
  24. My favorite quote is "Be the change you wish to see in the world." 
  25. I hate wearing high heels. 
  26. I love wearing jeans.  
  27. I'm an ESFJ 
  28. I was a vegetarian/vegan for 12-years until recently (I ate vegan at home and vegetarian - i.e. cheese - outside the home). 
  29. I would still eschew animal products, but after some medical tests, that wasn't an option. 
  30. Generally, I'm a happy person.  I'm not perfect, but I don't have to look hard for a reason to smile. I truly believe it is a choice and a matter of perspective. 
  31. When Doug and I first talked about getting married, I told him I didn't want an engagement ring. Being married to one another was all that I wanted. It's never been about the ring or the wedding -- it's always been about the marriage and commitment to one another. 
  32. I believe navy blue, olive green and leopard (in fashion) are considered a neutral color. 
  33. I put hot sauce on everything. I blame this on years spent in the pool. I'm convinced the chlorine killed most of my tastebuds.  Excepts the ones for "sweet." Those are very much intact. 
  34. I have no willpower when it comes to sugar. Eating "just one cookie" is hard. The struggle is real. 
  35. Early in the morning (5am), quietly sipping coffee is my favorite part of the day.   
  36. Drinking coffee in bed is one of life's simple, affordable and always available luxuries. 
  37. I came up with this idea during a run, which is when I get my best ideas. 
  38. This list was more challenging to create than I anticipated.