Wedding Update: 9 days out

It's been awhile, well over a month since I've written anything. Wedding planning is more stressful than I thought. 

I used to scoff at women who said, "I have no time for xyz, I'm planning my wedding" or "I'm so stressed out" because, ultimately, at the end of the day, it's a huge party for others to celebrate you and your husband.  When I remember that little tidbit, I don't stress and thankfully Doug is very levelheaded, because man... it's WAY stressful! 

The past 6-months have been a whirlwind. We got engaged, I started a 600-hour Pilates certification course and fully dove head first into my consulting company. When it rains, it pours, right? I figured I could handle it. And, yes, I can and have handled everything, but not without the help of amazing girlfriends, a lot of yoga and one calm, loving fiancee. 

I have my dress and Doug his tux. My bridesmaids have their dresses and his attendants have their tux. We have the church, the venue, the hotel for the night before (with my girls -- fun slumber party!), the car, the food is selected, the cake and the music.  We've done our run through at the church, have the rings, selected the musician and picked up our marriage license. I've locked down hair and make-up for the morning of and we have the rehearsal dinner secured. My friends Elaine and Ginny are handling the flowers -- everything from picking them up, the design and getting them to the church and venue. The stress? Everyone else.

I like drama free. I have friends that I love and distance myself from people who are stressful and love chaos. But little did I know that a wedding would bring out the craziness in others. We dated 6 years before we got engaged, are paying for the wedding ourselves and making decisions based on how we want the day to go. I thought this would make the planning our choice and people would listen to and respect OUR decisions, but that isn't the case, which is ultimately why I'm feeling the stress. Grrr. 

Grateful, super grateful for Doug who has reminded me that it's about us, it's our day and everything else that happens is icing on the cake. And girlfriends, oh so grateful for those beautiful women who keep me sane and take my calls when I'm stressed. Have any tips on how to de-stress? Please share! 

Funny story: we had already chosen our wedding cake and the flavors, when we selected the food menu, but my 10-year old niece asked if she could go cake testing with me. Kindly, the restaurant made mini-cupcakes for our tasting. I sent Taylor a picture (below) to hold myself accountable, thinking if I did so, then I wouldn't eat them before seeing her the following day. Nope.  Didn't work. Doug and I ate all of them. So, what did I do? Like any good aunt, I drove around looking for the same flavors, to take Taylor and Connor the following day.