The Best Exercise

Tell me how accurate this sounds -- I'm too busy, no "me" time and "actually, can you make it a Venti to go, please."

In the fast paced world of life, most people say their biggest issue is lack of time. We have 30-minute meals, 8-minute abs and fashion that shipped to us via a monthly subscription, in order for us to try and squeak out more minutes in the day. Am I right?

When it comes to exercise, I believe 100% in diversifying -- cardio, interval training, strength training and yoga/Pilates, but there are certain exercises that benefit the entire body more than others.  Enter the plank.

It's not a favorite exercise. In fact, it's more like the Lima bean equivalent of exercise -- it's something no one exactly enjoys but everyone knows that it is really good for you, so you eat it first, get it over with and move on to the more tasty items on the plate.

Plank works your shoulders, legs, gluts, arms and core all in one exercise. You can do it on the hands (just be sure to have great shoulder connection to keep it out of your wrists) or lower on the forearms -- it's something that will always challenge you physically and mentally. The best way to start is with 15 seconds. That's it. Practice every day.  Increase your time by 10-second intervals, every other day and continue to build your way up to a few minutes. (Example: Day 1 + Day 2 are 20 seconds; Day 3 + Day 4 are 30 seconds, etc.).

** Add some cardio by incorporating a few plank jacks!