How to: Break Bad Beauty Habits

I'm not a fan of make-up. Why? Honestly, because I don't really know how to apply it, nor do I have the patience to learn. If I have an event or TV segment, I'll go through my usual routine of tinted moisturizer, a little blush and some lip gloss. I'll curl my eyelashes and swipe some color across my eyebrows.  I do, however, think a good lip stick can change one's mood in an instant, but that's a discussion for another time. 

But, as I get older, I know there are certain things I should learn and bad habits I should break, especially when it comes to beauty blunders and habits. Here are a few ways I've tried to boost my beauty knowledge from reading up on tips and a lot of trial and error.

  1. Stop using dirty make-up brushes.  I've started washing them twice a month, which is about the number of times I use them. However, it's a good habit to have to make sure I'm not pushing the dirt into my pores with each use.
  2. Did you know that when you "pump" your mascara, you are actually drying it out? Apparently, this adds air to the tube, shortening the life of your product.
  3. I no longer groom my own eyebrows. Why? Because I tried to wax them once and I ended up ripping off an entire brow.  No kidding. Lesson learned -- some things I leave to the professionals.
  4. I used to bounce from one product to the next and then move on again to the newest, cream that promised the world, but it takes up to 6-weeks for a product to fully take effect AND confuses the skin, causing irritation and break-outs.

Things I've added:

  1. Pay attention to my neck. I don't want to focus on protecting my face with sunscreen, only to have a neck that looks 20-years older. Yikes.
  2. Daily SPF. Just because I'm not sitting in direct sunlight all day, doesn't mean my skin isn't affected.  A few minutes here and there, thorough out the day can add up to hour or more by the time I crawl into bed.  Add day after day, the cumulative amount could equal an entire day at the beach by week's end. 
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I drink a lot of coffee so I constantly have to remind myself to drink water.  Think about it -- your body is 80% water, so it needs a lot of hydration to keep it running at an optimal level.  Not only will it effect your internal organs, but it helps to clean out built up toxins and without it the skin becomes dehydrated.  Drink up! (Tata Harper recommends 3-5 liters every day!)

Any of your favorites that I missed or have any beauty tips that you swear by? Please share!