3 Skin Care Secrets for Beach Season

Naturally, I'm a big fan of the beach and pool and find both relaxing, but I am also a HUGE shade lover.  You can find me under an umbrella on the beach and I spend just as much time on the shady side of our pool, as I do on the sunny. Let me be clear, this time share I have between sun and shade has evolved and changed from my teenage days, when slathering baby oil on my skin and spraying lemon juice in my hair was a weekend ritual. 

Although technically a few days from the official start of summer, it already feels like it's arrived here in DC which means lots of sun, cookouts and outdoor workouts. I askedAda Polla, my friend, skin expert and Founder/CEO of Alchimie Forever to share her skin care secrets for beach season with Genuine Joy and I'm thrilled that she agreed.

Ada Polla's Top Three Tips for Healthy Summer Skin:

1. This is obvious, but can never be repeated enough: Sunscreen is a must - water resistant and broad spectrum, with a minimum of SPF 50 for the beach / pool / river / lake / boat. You will tan even in the shade: ideally, avoid direct sunlight between 12-3 pm. 

2. Layering your sunscreen over an antioxidant product will provide the best possible protection - this is clinically proven. Make sure you apply an antioxidant cream or serum on your face, neck and décolleté before you slather on sunscreen. 

3. Exfoliation will make your skin look smoother, and your tan last longer. Exfoliate from head to toe once a week throughout the summer. 

For more of Ada's skin care tips or to learn about Alchimie Forever, head to her website and blog.  Thank you, Ada, for sharing your sage advice and helpful tips to keep our skin healthy, supple and glowing!