My Love/Hate Relationship with Coffee

I'm typing this sentence at 3:46 in the afternoon. It's a work day -- meaning I need to be up early tomorrow, no sleeping in -- and I just made a fresh pot of coffee. But, if you're reading this or follow along on social media, this news isn't new to you.   I'm obsessed with coffee. 

I don't drink fine wines, have a prize winning garden, or make my own cheese -- I love coffee. It's my "thing." Last count, we owned seven different pieces of equipment, all of which made coffee -- SEVEN. Our wedding registry produced 2 more. Nespresso, drip coffee pot, stove-top espresso maker, pour-over, french press, Chemex... the options are limitless. 

The first time I tried coffee was in high school with my friend Rachel. She had just returned from Spain, where her family lived for a year while her dad was on a sabbatical. She introduced me to Cafe Mochas our junior year, we drank them after school and I felt sophisticated and chic.  I transitioned from mochas to filtered coffee in college, drinking whatever was offered during meals in the cafeteria. Slowly, I started sipping coffee in the brown plastic mugs offered at D-Hall and used Coffeemate Vanilla powdered creamer, sometimes Irish Cream. I drank it for function alone. 

I don't think I ever fully fell hard for coffee until I was in my early thirties -- well after I'd started in the working world. It's when I fully embraced the experience.  See, I went from drinking coffee for the flavor (Mochas) to drinking it for function (college) to truly enjoying the experience (now.) Like anything, it's held different meanings throughout my life. 

But now, it's to the point where I think about it at night before I go to bed. I want another cup before I've even finished my first and, as evidenced by the first sentence, I would drink it at anytime, any day, all day long. 

While there are definitely worse problems to have, I realized that I've been consuming way more than any normal person should, when the number of espresso shots hit double digits in one day, multiple days in a row. Studies have shown that coffee helps prevent certain cancers and can improve athletic function, but, as with anything, it's in moderation and not 1000mg of caffeine a day. 

I've tried going cold turkey, but that isn't pleasant for anyone within a 10 mile radius, so, for now, perhaps switching to decaf in the afternoon is the best course of action.  What's your story? Do you love it, hate it or have a tip that's helps you scale back? Please share!