The Eldridge Edit // Sleep Pretty

True story. A few years ago, I was living in a teeny, tiny studio apartment in the Logan/DuPont Circle area of DC. I was single. I caught a glimpse of myself walking to bed in sweats and thought "I can't wait until I'm in a relationship and can wear pretty pajamas." What?! "Wait a minute," I immediately thought, "why can't I look pretty for myself?" Literally, the next day I went to Target and bought a pair of what I call "pretty pjs." 

Fast forward 9 years to my wedding and guess what I bought my girls? Yep, pretty pjs.  We wore matching Pretty Plum Sugar sleep ware for our adult slumber party, the night before our big day.  

I read a "funny because it's true" meme that said, "70% of my day is waiting for it to get late enough to go to sleep."  I love being in bed and I love to sleep.  Some nights, sweats are the first things I grab, because, frankly, some days I'm looking for comfort. But other nights, I love the ritual of putting on a pair of my pretty pajama (I now have a small collection) lighting a candle, spritzing some lavender spray and hopping in bed early.  It's one of those experiences that costs $0, but feels like such a luxury. 

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