Planes, Trains and Automobiles // 5 Easy Travel Worthy Snacks

Whether you're driving to the beach, taking a train to New York City or flying to Rio, we have 5 snacks that will travel well, no matter the mode of transportation or destination.   

  1. Make your own cereal mix - Fill a resealable storage bag with cereal (think Chex or cheerios), mixed nuts and dried fruit.  Bring a plastic spoon and ask for a plastic cup and some milk, or eat as finger food.
  2. Fruit - Think something that won't crush, like cherries, watermelon balls, a pint of berries or sliced apples. I'm a big fan of these individual packs of almond butter as well.  Sometimes I put them on the apples, sometimes I squirt it right out of the package. 
  3. Muffinshomemade donutssnack bars - Placement of these in your carry-on, as well as the package you put them in, will prevent them from getting smushed.  I like to carry them in disposable plastic containers, so I can toss the container out once I eat the muffins.  Anything from a large yogurt container to plastic lunch meat container works great!  
  4. Tea bags - While not technically a "snack" I like to pack these when I fly, especially mint and ginger tea bags. Often, they only carry black Lipton-type tea bags, which is usually not what I want. Many a time have I thought to myself "ugh, should have grabbed a tea bag" when I'm half way through a flight. Don't make the same mistake! 
  5. Snack bars - You can make your own (see #3) or buy them from a store. I always pack these in Doug's snack bag (I pack him a goodie bag for every single trip he takes) for when he gets hungry on the road. I like Rx bars the best, since they are all natural ingredients and NO added sugar. Some out there have more sugar than a candy bar, so look for ones low in sugar. 

Suggestions always welcome! What are some of your favorites?