7 Inexpensive Ways to Treat Yourself

This statement is nothing new -- I've said it before -- but the older I get, the more I truly value the little things.  I treasure the moments that become memories and the items that were given out of love, not an expensive purchase wrapped in pretty paper. 

As I recover from surgery, there are several things I'm looking forward to and a few of these I've done every day for the last week.  Either way, each one of these 7 things are enjoyed, appreciated and delightful. 

  1. Take a nap -- Grab a book, your iPad or your eye mask and head to bed. Whether it's 30 minutes of quiet reading time or a full on snooze, you'll feel recharged and refreshed and it's free! 
  2. Visit your favorite bakery -- Because sometimes a cupcake and a coffee cures all. 
  3. Gift yourself an affordable luxury item -- you know, one of those things that seems over-priced (like that $9 bar of chocolate) but won't break the bank.  Lipstick is another great item that fits in this category. Go to the department store and have someone help you find your perfect shade. I guarantee you'll feel a little indulgent every time you apply. 
  4. Watch reality TV -- I laugh at the term "reality tv" because it seems so, well, not reality.  But, it is a nice little escape from day-to-day life to watch a perfectly baked soufflé being pulled from the oven, tour the homes of the rich and famous, or watch women flip tables in a heated argument.  Seriously, there is a reality show for everyone! 
  5. Make a gratitude list -- Easy, free and especially helpful if you're in a funk.  Or stuck in bed for 5 days (raises hand).  List 5 things you treasure, appreciate and cherish. It's an instant mood changer, when you can appreciate the things that I often take for granted like "a roof over my head, hot water and clean drinking water." 
  6. Try that $30 workout class -- Perhaps you've been eying that boutique fitness studio and their offerings.  Go ahead and treat yourself! Take a class! Try Barre, Pilates, indoor cycling or yoga.  Most studios have a "New Student" special and you'll often get "two classes for the price of one" or "one-week free" when you sign up. Plus, you get the endorphin rush which is always a great way to treat yourself! 
  7. Draw a bath -- another freebie. It sounds so silly, but I often think, "I don't have time to take a bath" because I think the experience should be a Pinterest photo with candles, luscious bubbles overflowing and a mug of tea perched on a table, just out of hands reach. But, let's be real -- that's not life, at least, not my life.  I've come to accept that a 10-minute bath with some bath salts or oils is enough for me.  Throw a face mask on and it's like a trip to the spa without the cost.  

Did I miss any of your favorites? Please share! 

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* image via WSJ