Monthly Recap: August 2016

The weather doesn't feel like Fall, but the word September reminds me of Back-to-School, pumpkin flavored everything and shorter days.  Summer always flies by, much more quickly than winter at least, but 2016 seemed to go by more quickly than other years as well.  It was a busy one professionally and personally, but when years fly by this quickly, it makes me nervous that time will speed up more and more each year. 

Here's what August looked like for me: 

We were in studio with Fox 45 for behind the scenes Olympic Coverage.


  • 8 media hits, both international and domestic, during the Olympics -- 2 radio (here), 4 TV (here) and 2 digital (here). It was great to get back in-studio, and I look forward to being back on a regular basis moving forward.  
  • Collaborated with friend and fellow female entrepreneur Danielle DiFerdinando to design the Glory Tote, a patriotic red, white and blue tote bag, leading up to the Rio Olympic Games. 
  • GJ Media Group, the media + brand consulting company I launched in 2013, signed a new contract with Life & Honey, a healthy, fast food restarant in Virginia. The renderings are complete and construction begins soon. I look forward to sharing more about this as we move closer to the launch, later this year. We created a suite of collateral materials for LIPP Beautifully and have doubled their product subscription in the last month alone. As we head into September, we are creating and launching their website. Stay tuned! 
  • Later this month, I'll be the keynote speaker at an Industry awards show. I'm very excited about this, because it's an industry I've been involved with for years. Details and photos to come! 
  • Got organized.  After meeting with a well-organized friend and listening to how she plans, schedules and maintains her weekly calalendar, I took some time to do the same. I downloaded apps, streamlined my process and feel more prepared every day.  It's amazing what a little structure and orderliness can do for the psyche. 
  • In studio with Good Morning Washington talking about VMA Fashions -- to see the clip, click here
Anyone else LIVE in striped shirts?


  • I had surgery last month, so this month was about getting back into the swing of things.  After a required 4-6 week recovery time, I was happy to get back to working out. It really does make me a happier person and helps me to feel more grounded. 
  • Watched the entire first season of "The Night Of" and loved it. The cinematography was increadible and the story line was emotional. I couldn't stop watching and highly recommend.
  • Our family enjoyed a night at the ball park, where we were invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  My niece and nephew took their turn and both threw it across home plate! 
  • I'm currently reading "Girl on a Train." I read every night before bed and I've literally fallen asleep reading, because I can't put it down. I'm looking forward to the movie later in the year, but wanted to read the book first. 


  • We currently have three GJ Media contracts out for review -- hopefully, we'll receive these back in the next month and can tell you more about these clients in the next wrap up. 
  • Pitching stations with segment ideas for TV in the Baltimore and DC market. 
  • I'm headed to NYC this month for Fashion Week and meetings.  I always love traveling to and spending time in NYC, so I'm really looking forward to the trip! 
  • Locking down plans for a wedding/mini-vacation later in the year.

Do you find this time of year to be more hectic? Fun Labor Day plans? Share your goals, tips, plans and questions by sending us an email!