Homemade Almond Butter

I grew up with peanut butter and jelly, commonly called PB&J.  And when I was in heavy Ironman training, I ate a boatload of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, which were quick to make and provided the nutrients I needed during long rides, as well as quick calories post workout.  Then I discovered almond butter and fell in love.

Peanuts are is the number one allergy among children and with many schools enforcing a "peanut free" lunch table or banning peanut products from the classroom altogether, almond butter is a viable and delicious option.  Caveat? The price difference in store bought peanut butter and almond butter is noticeable.  Solution?  Homemade! With this super easy recipe, you can make it at home and save money.

Sound tough? I promise you, it's one of the easiest, most hands-off creations in the kitchen that you could make. If you have a food processor, a few cups of nuts and a jar, you are ready to make your own, homemade almond butter.

Only ingredient needed? 3 cups of nuts

I choose raw almonds for my nut butter, but you can use cashews, roasted almonds or hazelnuts for yours -- whichever nut or nuts you like best.  Once you get this down, you can add cocoa powder (or cacao) to your hazelnut butter to create your own Nutella-like chocolate hazelnut spread. Aside from saving money, another benefit to making nut butter at home is that you control the quality of the ingredients and there's no added sugar.  Win win!


  1. Prepare your food processor with the s-blade.  
  2. Measure 3 cups of your nut of choice and add it to the food processor bowl.  
  3. Turn it on and let it go to work.  

That's it! You'll notice the nuts going through different stages.  First, it will turn into a chunky powder.  Then, a dry paste.  The natural oils in the nuts will start to come out around the 12-15 minute mark (depending on your machine) and around 15-20 minutes you will have smooth, creamy nut butter. If you choose to add salt, you can do so at this time. Voila. You have made homemade almond butter!  

The finished product: homemade almond butter