Sunday Funday: Fashion vs. Football

Imagine this.  You're in a department store and someone tells you to select your favorite outfit from all of the beautiful clothes you see on display before you.  Now,  imagine that the company gave you a serious incentive to pick the best outfit possible -- if you win (there are two other women who are doing the same) you get to take home one item up to $500!  

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Neiman Marcus, the luxury retailer out of Dallas, Texas has re-branded their Contemporary department, with the new name of CUSP.  Full of pieces, including James & Elizabeth (the Olsen twins design), Milly, DVF and a wall full of jeans, the name is not new, but it is to their department store.

As a resident of the Washington, DC area, I've been fortunate to have the standalone CUSP store in Georgetown for 5 years; it was the first stand alone boutique that the store opened.  Since 2006, another five, for a total of six, have popped up across the country.

With 42 Neiman Marcus stores open across the country, we are fortunate in the Washington area to have two locations (one in Chevy Chase and one in Virgina, in Tyson's Corner).  The other day, I headed to the Tyson's Corner store for a tour of the updated department, and I noticed the changes immediately! Bright colors on the walls drew me in and the designer's name labeled each of the walls, helping the customer track down an item or label.

The Spring Trends that will take us through the Summer include: Savvy Stripes, bold and bright pops of pink and yellow, and Flirty skirts in fun textures and prints.  My personal favorite is the White Out, wearing the monochromatic look, head to toe in white, off-white or neutral, just be smart about where you take this particular look... a BBQ or picnic is not an ideal choice!

If you don't have a Neiman Marcus or standalone CUSP near you, don't fret... both are available online!