Fairy Tale Wedding

I have to admit, that I have been intrigued and borderline obsessed (although quietly obsessed) by the recent engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  What she was wearing when she announced her engagement (Issa London, which has sold out almost immediately), the beautiful 18-carat blue sapphire ring (which was given to Princess Diana when Prince Charles proposed in 1981) and the speculation of where the wedding will take place, what dress she'll select (PEOPLE is reporting that the front runner is Phillipa Lepley) and everything else that goes into planning her wedding celebration.  And you had better believe that I will block out the whole day to watch the live televised event! I mean, we watch the Red Carpet events with impunity to see what women are wearing- this is on a whole other fashion & cultural level!

There are two types of little girls (in this respect): the ones who dream of walking down the aisle, wearing the pretty dress and marrying her very own Prince Charming.  On the other side of the nuptial planning spectrum, there are those who see if as an event, another day, a fun celebration of two people coming together.  The dreamer vs. the realist.  I'm a pisces, which means I'm the former, bringing me to the intrigue of the Kate and William engagement, wedding and marriage.

Kate Middleton is marrying into the royal family, living every little girl's dream of one day being a princess, wearing a crown and living a real-life fairy tale. Not only has she found the man who makes her feel like a princess, but one who will give her the official title as well.  While we all can't officially be a princess, we can certainly find a partner who makes us feel like one and treats us like one; but, most importantly, we can take time out of our day, everyday, to do things for ourselves that make us feel like a Princess!

Find your inner Princess and enjoy your weekend!