Fall Fashions in Flux

It's that weird weather time of year, when some night's dip down into the 40's but it can warm up to the 80's by mid-afternoon.  So, what's a stylish young woman to do? The best advice is always to layer, layer, layer on pieces that are easily removed. But I always get a kick out of women here in Washington, DC this time of year.  One commuter will head out in ear muffs and a heavy winter coat, while the next person you see will be stomping towards the metro in flip-flops.

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Post Gown Let Down

(Originally posted March 1, 2012) From the holiday season at the end of 2011 to the Oscars last Sunday, fashion is front and center.  From dressing for a holiday party to watching your favorite stars walk the red carpet in the plethora of award shows to the fashion shows in New York, London and Paris, we have been hit with a multitude of looks, colors and styles in the last 3 months. I enjoyed it while it lasts, but from now until September, when S/S 2013 Fashion comes walking down the runway, we’re in the fashion lull.  The closest we get to see new fashions is when they pop up as the season's collection on the racks of Saks, Neiman Marcus and J. Crew (these collections sashayed down the runway September 2011).

Here are some of my Post Gown hangover favorites from the Oscars:

Some pieces that came down the runway in February, which already have me looking forward to next Fall 2012!