Having Grace

Last night, I had dinner with three very important people in my life.  It was a time to catch up, laugh and enjoy the company of one another before Christmas, as we're all traveling this year. We exchanged gifts and I was passed a small bag and was told "your blog inspired this gift."

To back up, I enjoy hearing about how my blog has an impact, however small, on people's lives.  Whether it's a story I've shared, their experience with a recipe or, much like having a cup of coffee, it's become a part of a morning routine, which is what my friend shared with me last night.  Hearing that it was saved in her internet "favorites" on both her work and home computer was truly a gift in itself.

I pulled out the red tissue paper and unwrapped the box, which contained a lovely bottle of perfume, called Amazing Grace, by philosophy.  The descriptor on the back read: amazing grace is the ultimate feminine fragrance that makes a women feel as if she is wearing her best dress every day of the week, even when she dresses casually.  

Grace is defined as moral strength, elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion of action; favor of good will; a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.  The gift truly reflected the spirit of the blog, but what meant the most is she felt it was what I embodied: Grace.  At the moment, I can't think of a more powerful and moving compliment.  Each day, I intend and try to act with grace and dignity, treat others as I want to be treated and have all of my actions reflect kindness and consideration.

I am touched by the grace and love I was shown by way of a perfume bottle. Yet as with anything, it's not the gift or the action itself, but the intention behind which it was given.  I'm thankful today for the love in my life and the kindnes of others which warms my soul on this first day of Winter...