Good day or bad day: It's all a choice

  • When I wake up in the morning in a bad mood, it's my choice as to whether I take it out on those around me.   
  • When I have a disagreement, it's my choice to let it go or carry it throughout the day.  
  • When something goes does not the way I want it to, it's my choice to hang onto the problem, or to live in the solution.  

I have a difficult time when I'm not feeling connected with those I love.  I feel down, I feel off and I want to fix the situation immediately.  But sometimes, it's just not my place to get in there, roll up my sleeves and fix it.  There are times when I have to let time run the course.  On these days when I'm in a slump or when things just aren't quite going the way I would like them to, it is up to me to turn my day around.  It's my choice to make it a good day or to continue to wallow in self pity.

We control our thoughts and our actions.  Today, I am making a conscious choice to have a good day.  I hope you will do the same!