Weekend Warrior

The three day weekend flew by... to me, it seemed more like a regular old two day weekend, packed to the brim! Sunday's workout felt like it broke me.  It was one of those rare times when I didn't feel better, energized after working out.  I felt run down, exhausted and broken.  One-hour and forty-five minutes of cardio, strength and stretching will do that to a person, I suppose.  But, on the flip side, yesterday on the bike I felt GREAT! Still tired, but I turned the corner of feeling strong and comfortable on the bike.

After completing Lake Placid in 2010, I didn't get back on the bike.   To be honest, I was terrified.  If I had a long, lonely stretch of pavement or street, I was ready to ride.  Throw cars, people, and other bikes into the mix and I would wobble the whole ride.  After taking a nasty fall in April 2010, I was plain old scared to ride again.  I willed myself to get back on through the race, but since I haven't been out on a ride for fear of injury or broken bones.  Growing up in a pool, as a swimmer, I never experienced fractures, breaks or injury other than shoulder soreness.

However, I think I'm ready to ride again.  There's a group of women who meet at a local bike shop and ride together, which sounds perfect.  A nice 20+ ride sounds doable and a great way to re-enter the bike riding world.  I also found a small itch the day to do another triathlon.  Now that my knee is feeling much better, to the point where I could handle a short distance, I think an Olympic distance might be in order next year.  Maybe a half-Ironman.  We'll see.

I did, admittedly, eat more than planned on Sunday, but that's life right? The goal isn't to be perfect, all the time, but to learn to navigate the turns and get back on track when the detour is through.  On Sunday, I drank a LOT of lemon water, to help detoxify my body, and did an hour on the bike to sweat a bit.

Until tomorrow...