Why resolutions revolve around the New Year?

Every New Year's Eve, at the stroke of midnight, people resolve to be better in the coming year.  Upon doing a quick search online, I found the general top-10 New Years Resolutions, that ironically don't change much from year to year.  They are:

1. Stop Smoking/Drinking
2. Get into a Habit of being Fit
3. Lose Weight
4. Enjoy Life
5. Travel
6. Get Organized
7. Learn Something New
8. Get out of Debt/Save More money
9. Spend More Time With Family
10. Help People.

So, the question I pose, is why wait until the New Year to make the effort to change? Why not today (granted, it is still the New Year, but you get my point, right?)  I see New Year's resolutions as being akin to only being nice to your significant other on Valentine's Day, your assistant on Administrative Day or your brother on his birthday.

While no one will get it perfect everyday, it's the intention behind which the action was demonstrated.  Maybe I can't get in the 90-minute yoga class that I wanted to today, but I do have time for a 30 minute run.  Or, maybe you can't pay off all of your debt today, but you can take steps towards eliminating it, such as not using your credit card today.  There are small actions each of us can take towards being better everyday!

I think Jay Z put it best when he said "May the best of your today's, be the worst of your tomorrow's." Here's to making each day the best you can!

Is it really New Years Eve 2010?

Most mornings I wake up and think out loud "What day is today?" And on the majority of those mornings, when my feet hit the floor, I'm hoping its fall, after the humidity of the summer and before the bitter chill of winter.  We all know how this ends... it's winter and it's cold, so I still find it hard to believe that the Christmas holidays have come and gone, and 2011 is knocking on the door.

In 2009, Doug and I started the tradition of having cheesecake with blueberries.  Last year, we purchased the cheesecake and this year I made it myself.  While the recipe was simple to follow and one I had made before, it came out a little brown across the top.  To disguise the browned top, I made a quick sour cream topping.  But I digress...

In my earlier years, I found it fun to go out and celebrate with all.  But these last two years it's been about the one person I'm with while ringing in the New Year, rather than out with the masses.  It's not what you're doing, it's who you're with when the ball drops and I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have a partner who not only knows me,  but who also understands me.  And one who believes in creating our own traditions.

Tradition is defined as: the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.  While I still wake up hoping it's warmer outdoors than the temperature dictates, I know that the traditions we create today, even one as simple as eating cheesecake at midnight,  is something that we will carry on through the years while we develop our own ways to celebrate our holidays together.

So, I ask you, what are you doing this year to welcome in the 2011? Is it something traditional or something new? Either way, I wish you an abundance of happiness and health as you ring in the New Year! See you next year...