DC to New York and the Fashions in between

One can feel the difference in the cities of DC and New York almost immediately.  Washington, DC is about as far north as you can go and still receive the candy sweet smiles of strangers, a trait for which the South is known.  DC is politics, so whether it’s genuine or not, people are courteous and charming.  A little further North, in the Big Apple, people move with a purpose and are hard.  In DC, we navigate around the tourists; in New York, they avoid the tourist destinations all together. From UGGS to Ungaro, and grunge to glamorous, the fashion is no different.

In Washington, DC it’s all about the updated classics.  The pencil skirt, beige trench coat, black pumps and pearls.  It’s the schoolboy blazer, the skinny belt and the riding boots you see walking down Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.  There is a little edge in some places, some hipster vibe, but, for the most part, DC is a town driven by the classics.

Then, there’s New York, where everything and anything goes.  I live in DC and I love DC, but there’s a different vibe in New York City.  The fashion is just different.  People can rock anything, almost anywhere, and there are no funny stares or hushed whispers.  Men dressed in drag are mingling with polished magazine executives, and black clothing is ubiquitous.  It is truly is a city where whatever floats your boat is generally accepted by the masses.