What I Wore :: Old Navy Style

I wear a lot of jackets.  That's not metaphorically, as in "I wear a lot of hats," but I literally have 20+ blazers or jackets hanging in my closet.  It's my look, because they pull together an outfit with minimal effort. Think jeans with a blazer, and depending on the amount of walking/standing, flats or heels.  Super easy, very chic.

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Last Minute Gift Giving

I hit the ground running the day after Thanksgiving with plans to send holiday cards and knock out Christmas shopping early.  Every year, the shopping is finished, well before the start of the holidays, but the cards stack up with promises to myself that next year will be different. I'm still a work in progress on that front.  For those of you who wait until the last minute to do shopping -- I know one or two of last minute shoppers -- we've compiled a list of sites that will get you your gifts by Christmas Eve, without having to leave the comforts of home (or your office desk.)

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9 Spring 2013 Trends

The calendar says it's Spring, but the weather is telling us something entirely different here in the mid-Atlantic.  We had snow fall (I swear it was the most snow we've seen all year) on Monday, but weather is calling for 60's this weekend.  While the weather is still making up it's mind, let's take a look at some of the Spring Trends for 2013 strait off the runway as well as wearable looks that you can buy now. Stripes: Thick and thin, black and white and colored stripes were everywhere from ball gowns to long-sleeved sweaters.

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Accessorizing: Olympics Style

The countdown towards the London Games is ticking down, and with the Opening Ceremonies just nine days away, Olympic fever has reached an all-time high.  Can't make it to the Games?  No worries. You can celebrate in style with these unique pieces featuring Team USA and the Union Jack. First up, are the luxury pieces.  Ranging from $275 to over $5000, fashion lovers are willing to pay roughly the price of an Olympics ticket for a pair of shoes.  They are, after all, decked out in Swarovski crystals!  American design houses, like Jimmy Choo, and British designers, such as Alexander McQueen, are in on the fun, creating unique pieces for fashion lovers everywhere!


Of course, there are the Official Olympic ware pieces, which include t-shirts, pins and hats, which one can purchase online.  For graphic t-shirts, shoppers can count on retailers such as Old Navy and Gap to deliver wallet friendly options for the Olympic spirited individual.


With reports claiming Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely will attend the Closing Ceremonies of the London Olympics, and stylish British Designers, like Stella McCartney designing the British Uniforms, the 2012 Olympic Games are sure to be fashionable and stylish!