Jewelry in Tea Cups

I love when pretty pieces can be used for something other then their primary purpose! Case in point, using these dainty tea cups as a eye-catching and unique way to store your jewelry. Combing vintage or antique stores for elegant cups and saucers is a great way to spend an afternoon or a weekend.  I suggest buying whichever pieces catch your eye.  The more cups, better and none of them have to match!

Pretty Pieces: Gold Cuffs

Both my Grandmother and my mom have the ability to accessorize with the best of them. They have the eye and the ability to pull together pieces that work so well together. It seemed to have skipped a generation, as I tend to stick to stud earrings and a bracelet or two. While I am getting better, and branching out into more "adventourous" pieces, having two of these gold cuffs in my jewelry rotation really helps. They are great pieces, really add to any outfit and make me feel a little like Wonder Woman, although I only wear one cuff at a time!

Alexis Bittar

Have you ever noticed, that right after you get a new ____ (insert car, dress, dog) you seem to see the same kind/one/breed everywhere you look? It's as if you can't escape the "Groundhog's Day" feel of your last purchase! Enter Alexis Bittar.  I first saw his name in a Harper's Bazaar magazine a few months ago in the "Up and Coming" section. And since then, I've seen his name literally EVERYWHERE! Little did I know, that he's actually been everywhere, but I didn't put a name with the design. He collaborated with Patricia Fields on Sex and the City to create the one-of-a kind looks, he created Burberry's first ready-to-wear jewelry line and transfered their signature plaid into lucite and has worked with Michael Kors several times on his Fashion Week masterpieces. Joan Collins was the face of his 2010 campaign and this year he has the iconic Lauren Hutton.  He won the CFDA's Accessory Designer of the Year Award in 2010 and has retail shops popping up nationwide, most recently in San Francisco and Chicago.

My favorite aspect of his pieces? They're edgy without being overtly trendy; they have staying power, but aren't boring.  They are offered at different price points, available online (for those of you who don't live near a retail store) and aren't seen on every arm walking down the street... Yet!