Travel Tip: Extra Boarding Pass

When Doug travels, I always take him to the airport and vice versa. But, when we travel together, we park the car in the long term parking, of the airport from which we fly.  The drill is always the same, and goes like this:
  1. Check-in online the night before and print boarding passes
  2. Carry-on luggage (here's why) unless I have international travel
  3. Take ticket from turn style at the garage, park and enter airport
On the way home, it's always the same: walk to car, pay parking attendant and exit garage.  That is, until the day you lose your garage ticket. Then, you're stuck.
They asked for our travel itinerary, which we didn't have on our person or in the car.  Nor did we have the tickets for the first leg of the trip, which they needed to verify our claims of entering the lot on a certain day. Eventually, in the bottom of my ginormous bag, we found one of the crumpled up boarding passes for the first leg.
Moral of the story: Print an extra boarding pass to leave in the car, just in case! It's way easier to print one as a back up, than to pay for more days than you actually parked.