The Ultimate Luxury Facial & Winter Skin Necessities

Tucked away at Metro Center in NW Washington, DC sits Celadon, a full service spa situated amongst the likes of law firms and lobbyists. The morning started out with the Ultimate Luxury facial, but not before I was able to pick the brain of owner and licensed esthetician, Judith Koritsas, on what to change, add or remove from my winter skin routine. Read on:

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One Day

I take photos.  A lot of photos.  Some staged, some candid and some with my iPhone, some with my Nikon.  A true believer that a picture can say a thousand words, here's what our July 4th looked like through my lens.

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Scratch DC Brunch

ScratchDC, a local food delivery service, shows area residents that "making the best meals of your life easy." The company was founded by foodies, who wanted to take the hassle out of creating incredible meals at home.  Here's how. 

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rag & bone in DC

Someone recently asked me to name my top five favorite designer clothing brands.  Sounds easy right? Imagine you could only wear those five brands, meaning they would have to encompass every look and piece in your closet, from casual wear and swimsuits to black-tie events and workout clothes, as well as shoes, jewelry and handbags for good measure.  It took me a few days, but I narrowed it down and have my five selected.  Among my five, you will find rag & bone.  They have been designing clothes for a few years now, but their F/W 2011 sealed the deal. I loved it and have been hooked ever since... rag & bone was founded in 2002 by two Englishmen, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, whose sole intention was to create a line of clothing that their friends would wear.  With no formal design training, the fashion neophytes began by making jeans and expanded to menswear in 2004 and womenswear in 2005.  The dynamic duo was named Menswear Designers of the Year in 2010, an award given by the CFDA.

Wonder about the moniker? An interesting, and historical, concept delivered the name to the designers.  The rag  & bone man, found in England over a century ago, was the country's first foray into recycling.  He would circle the villages, in a horse and cart, and collect scraps of metal, wood and old furniture that he could reuse. Garbage collection filled the space of the rag & bone man, with very few remaining today.  Wanting to tip their hats to his conservation efforts and historical creativity, the men names their company after the age-old working man.

The opening of the Washington, DC store, situated amongst the hustle and bustle of  M. Street, was the company's second store opening stateside, its first in Soho.  The space, with its clean lines and industrial appeal, exposed brick and two-floor layout, was packed to the gills with VIP DCers.  Also in attendance were the rag & bone brand ambassadors and the two designers, fresh off their runway presentation in New York's Fashion Week.  The DIY Project focused on the brand ambassadors and found the individuals photographing themselves while wearing rag & bone, doing what they do, everyday.  A wearable line of clothes, captured on film, by local residents and tastemakers, an idea as unique and evolutionary as the designers themselves. (As we were leaving the party, Doug and I talked with David Neville for a bit, who was as down-to-earth and as kind as they come.  The passion for the brand and his fondness for the space and its new store was apparent and heartwarming.)

* All images are from the rag & bone Spring/Summer 2012 show in New York City on September 9, 2011; photos from