Genuine Joy's Third Annual 30 for 30

It's here! Genuine Joy's Third annual 30 for 30. For those of you who are new, that boils down to 30 days of fitness to feel 30 % better. Today is April 1, which means pools open in 8 weeks over Memorial Day weekend.  We start to shed our winter layers, put away the wool sweaters, boots and heavy coats in exchange for shorts, dresses, short sleeves and open toed shoes.  Most of us, to some degree, are like bears over the winter months.  We hunker down inside, eat a little bit more and aren't as active as we are in the warmer Spring and Summer months. Today is the day we make the change!

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Winding Down

It's hard to believe that this year's 30 for 30 is officially winding down.  But, to be honest, it has served as the launching pad to continue fitness throughout the Summer and beyond. Yesterday was a cardio session, followed by body weight strength and then another cardio session for a total of 90 minutes.  After the workout I stretched and cooled down.  Yesterday I felt strong and I like that feeling.

Saturday's workout, where I felt broken, was similar to yesterday's, but I felt different during and at the completion of this one.  I like feeling that the workouts are making a difference.  To be honest, toning and tightening is a huge benefit, but the way I feel is the greatest reward. That makes me happy and that feeling keeps me coming back to a solid workout regime.

Today is a short run.  I've been cautious with running and easing back into it, post bursitis.  The longest run has been about 3 miles, but I keep in the back of my mind that I'm getting back into it after an injury and not training for a race at the moment.  It's important to listen to my body and not jump back in, making an(other) injury a near certainty.

During this month, I've incorporated the healthy eating strategy (minus the Memorial Day feast... there was macaroni and cheese!) and followed the detox program I shared in January (as seen here).  Probiotics, lots of alkalizing lemon water and snacks that include good mono-unsaturated fats found in raw almonds and avocados.

Those of you following along, how's your fitness journey coming along?

Until tomorrow...


Knowing Myself

About one-third through the 30 for 30, and I've finally done what is best for me -- writing the workouts ahead of time. The first 20+ days, I would get up in the morning and  decide what I was going to do that morning.  Downfall was, I often did what I felt I wanted to do and not what I should do for optimal fitness health.  The written workouts also allow me to budget the approximate time for the workout into my day and the other way around, by seeing how much time I have for the workout I feel like doing.

Yesterday was a broken cardio workout with some strengthening and toning exercises in between.  Focusing on large muscle groups, the exercises got my heart rate up and found my body a little sore this morning! Today is another workout similar to yesterday's, with strength and cardio, but today the strength component comes at the beginning of the workout with a long, slow "ride" on the bike trainer to close out the workout.

Waking up with some muscle soreness this morning, I'm already looking forward the my favorite yoga class on Thursday.  Saturday's too.

Until tomorrow...

On the 26th day...

Yesterday's one workout turned into two, as I "paid the piper" for my Easter indulgences. My morning workout consisted of running 1.5 miles to the gym, doing cardio, plyometrics, and then running the 1.5 miles home.  I felt so good on the run that I almost altered my workout to fit the feeling.  But, I stayed the course and continued with the workout that I had planned. That was a lesson that I learned while doing Ironman training, stay the course and don't alter your goals.  My goal when I began training was to finish the race and complete my first Ironman.  Then, as I started down the path and started feeling good in my workouts, I wanted to do a certain time.  I forgot the reason I signed up for the race in the first place, and that was to reach my goal of finishing an Ironman.  Next time, I'll make a plan to achieve a time or a certain place in the race.

Later in the afternoon, I jumped on the bike trainer for an hour.  My legs were heavy after the morning strength work and my body was tired, so I rode a consistent pace and was drenched with sweat by the end.  I was pretty wiped out and falling asleep last night by 9pm!

I'm in a place where I like the long, consistent workouts.  I would prefer to run for an hour or more, or get on the elliptical machine and zone out, so any workout that has intervals or a track workout is not one of which I am a fan... but, they have to be done in order to get me where I want to go.

I woke up tired and lethargic, half from the workouts and half from the sugar consumption of Sunday.  I have been eating better and putting healthy nutrition into my body.  I've cut out artificial sweeteners (such as saccharin and Splenda, which are found in diet drinks, some yogurt and diet foods) and have been eating more whole foods, which I sweeten with agave.  It's all a process, and not something that happens overnight, but sometimes, I want to feel better yesterday!  Anyone else feel the same?

Today's workout is an endurance & intensity workout, which means a steady run to the track, some timed repeats and then a long, consistent and steady run after the repeats.

I love all of the emails you have been sending... as encouraging as you claim I am for you, my friends, you are equally as motivating for me... Until tomorrow...

Dogs + Run = Great way to start the Day (Day 16)

Yesterday, I was out of the house for an early morning run, with the rise of the sun.  I enjoy getting my workout in earlier in the day, rather than later, for many a reason.

  1. It sets the day off on the right foot, where I do something for ME first thing in the morning
  2. When I push my workout to later in the day, I find that I snack more throughout the day.
  3. Running first thing in the morning means that I see all of the people walking their dogs before work.  A sure way to smile in the morning is seeing Pugs, Labs and Bernese first thing in the morning.  It's the time of day when I cane get my dog fix, since we aren't permitted to have one in our building and I don't see my "niece" Juno and "nephew" Herman daily.
My long run was great and shook some of the grumpiness off that I woke up with yesterday.  While slower than a shorter run, I feel stronger on these longer runs, which means I'm building up my endurance.  Although I'm falling asleep early in the evening, my exhaustion is beginning to wane and I'm climbing out of the hole of lethargy.
Today is an active recovery day, which means I'll either walk to the farmers market or do some yoga. After my brief flirtation with scorpion and side crow, I'm eager to increase my practice!
Hoping you all enjoy your Saturday and your weekend! Until tomorrow...