Friday Finds December 6, 2013

Can you imagine shopping before the internet? With Pinterest and Polyvore, you can keep great finds in one place and purchase with one click.  Here's what I'm loving this week:

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10 Tips to Update your Style

The September Issue of any fashion magazine is exceptionally large, filled with a few editorials, but the majority of that month's publication is advertisements.  As a fan of magazines (in lieu of reading them on e-readers or a tablet), that is good news for me, as an indication that the print media world is stable and not a dying industry.  While thumbing through Harper's Bazaar, I came across these 10 tips for updating your style. 

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9 Spring 2013 Trends

The calendar says it's Spring, but the weather is telling us something entirely different here in the mid-Atlantic.  We had snow fall (I swear it was the most snow we've seen all year) on Monday, but weather is calling for 60's this weekend.  While the weather is still making up it's mind, let's take a look at some of the Spring Trends for 2013 strait off the runway as well as wearable looks that you can buy now. Stripes: Thick and thin, black and white and colored stripes were everywhere from ball gowns to long-sleeved sweaters.

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What I Wore: London

The London trip was two weeks.  Two weeks of Olympics, workouts, parties, dinners and sightseeing meant two packed suitcases and one carry one (for shoes, of course!)  London is also incredible for shopping, an activity in which we indulged and ended up putting together a shipment which arrived earlier this week.

I received several emails asking "where did you get that _____", so here is a "What I Wore: London" piece, with an added "What I bought in London" added on.

The Bib Necklace: Doug gave me the necklace for my birthday and purchased at South Moon Under.  You can still order it online in several colors here.


Red/Orange Blazer: Worn the same night as the bib necklace,  the linen blazer was purchased from J. Crew earlier in the summer. While it's no longer available, J. Crew is selling a similar option, in wool flannel and in red perfect for Fall/Winter available here.

Cream lace three-quarter sleeved shirt: Two weeks means doubling up on a piece (at times) especially when it's as lovely and versatile as this one! Worn in the morning with a blazer and jeans for an Access Hollywood interview and then later that night for a Speedo party with a leather skirt and booties. You can purchase at Urban Chic in the DC/MD area.  I'm in love!

Teal/Blue spaghetti strap dress: Perfectly worn cinched with a belt and a jean jacket or cardigan around your shoulders, this dress is super comfortable and looks great.  Another Urban Chic favorite available here! Also from Urban Chic, the red spotted dress from the last night. Can you tell it's one of my favorite stores?

And then there was the London shopping...  leather pants, a handbag, beaded shirt, two pairs of shoes and a peplum dress (in Winter White, a hot Fall/Winter trend!)

The Duchess Recycles

The Duchess of Cambridge has been called many things: beautiful, regal, courteous and most recently, frugal.  Dubbed "The Recessionista," the Duchess has been photographed wearing the same dress more than once, formerly a big no-no in social circles. A Royal trip has yielded two separate occasions where a dress was recycled.  First, was the white Reiss Nanette Dress that she wore for the official engagement photo and  wore again most recently on her Canadian trip.  The second, was the Issa Bird-Printed dress. Catherine was first photographed in the dress the evening before her wedding and again for a cookout held at the Governor Central of Canada's home in Ottawa. I, of course, wear the same dress/pants/shirt many times over, as I'm sure many of you do as well, but when a public figure of the Royal stature recycles a look, it says so much more.

For another example, we don't have to look further than the First Lady, who has appeared on talk shows wearing a$35 dress from H&M and is famously known for her J. Crew cardigans and Gap T's.  Mrs. Obama has rocked her McQueen and Jason Wu, but for day-to-day dressing, she is often outfitted in moderately priced pieces, that are readily available to the American shopper.

Retailers, like J. Crew, Zara, Uniqlo and Topshop, have made their mark by selling moderately priced trends to the mainstream shopper.  Of better quality than other trendy outlets, all are available online (with Zara as the exception, which will start selling it’s clothing and accessories online in September).

While I have worn these brands well before Mrs. Obama moved into the Big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, what this tells me, the average American shopper, is that if these are the clothes that the First Lady selects, than they too are good enough for me.

I find wearing a dress two times in as many months, as the Duchess has done, empowering.  If a woman who is photographed as often as she is can pull it off, why can’t everyone else? Wear the dress, throw on a jacket this time with different shoes, and walk tall.  And don’t forget an award-winning smile… something Catherine never leaves home without…