My Open Letter to a Bully

We all have a breaking point, that moment when we've just had enough. This is an open letter to a woman, Grace, who has said hurtful, hateful, cruel things about me for the lat two months. I won't repeat the four and five letter words that she uses, but I want to address a few points that are brought up repeatedly.  I know she reads my blog and watches what I post on social media platforms, because they're reference repeatedly.  Grace, this is my letter to you...

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A Reason to Buy Girl Scout Cookies

It's the worst time of year to sell cookies, right? After we ring in the new year, most people make a resolution to cut back on sugar, processed foods and eat healthier, but this year, the Girl Scout of America have launched a new initiative to make cookie buying, this time of year, delightful. Aside from noting "gluten free" and vegan on two of their cookies this year, the girls scouts are spreading their love overseas.

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Giving Back

By: Whitney Phelps Flickinger

From an early age I have tried to instill in my kids that they are fortunate to have what they have.  Do they have everything that they want? NO!  Needing and wanting are two different things. They need clothes, food, water, shelter, etc.  Everything else is just stuff.  Read on for more on how we give back to those in need:

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