9 Tips for a Happy 2015

Can you believe it's February? Usually the summer months are the ones that fly by, but in seemingly a blink of an eye, January is over and the calendar page has turned.  The first month of the year is always filled with changes, renewals and goals, and in an effort to keep that momentum moving, we've created a list of 9 ways you too can keep that excitement charged as we roll into 2015.

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Sara's Salsa

My favorite element of being at the beach is the time spent with family. Yesterday was we went to the beach, hung by the pool and laughed together over meals, which we all ate together.  It's nice to come together around the table to refuel, laugh and just talk. Last night, my cousin Sara whipped up homemade salsa and it was delicious.  It was super easy to make and everyone, even the kids, enjoyed it as an appetizer with blue corn chips as well as on top of the tacos. Read on for the recipe.

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Genuine Joy's Third Annual 30 for 30

It's here! Genuine Joy's Third annual 30 for 30. For those of you who are new, that boils down to 30 days of fitness to feel 30 % better. Today is April 1, which means pools open in 8 weeks over Memorial Day weekend.  We start to shed our winter layers, put away the wool sweaters, boots and heavy coats in exchange for shorts, dresses, short sleeves and open toed shoes.  Most of us, to some degree, are like bears over the winter months.  We hunker down inside, eat a little bit more and aren't as active as we are in the warmer Spring and Summer months. Today is the day we make the change!

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Winding Down

It's hard to believe that this year's 30 for 30 is officially winding down.  But, to be honest, it has served as the launching pad to continue fitness throughout the Summer and beyond. Yesterday was a cardio session, followed by body weight strength and then another cardio session for a total of 90 minutes.  After the workout I stretched and cooled down.  Yesterday I felt strong and I like that feeling.

Saturday's workout, where I felt broken, was similar to yesterday's, but I felt different during and at the completion of this one.  I like feeling that the workouts are making a difference.  To be honest, toning and tightening is a huge benefit, but the way I feel is the greatest reward. That makes me happy and that feeling keeps me coming back to a solid workout regime.

Today is a short run.  I've been cautious with running and easing back into it, post bursitis.  The longest run has been about 3 miles, but I keep in the back of my mind that I'm getting back into it after an injury and not training for a race at the moment.  It's important to listen to my body and not jump back in, making an(other) injury a near certainty.

During this month, I've incorporated the healthy eating strategy (minus the Memorial Day feast... there was macaroni and cheese!) and followed the detox program I shared in January (as seen here).  Probiotics, lots of alkalizing lemon water and snacks that include good mono-unsaturated fats found in raw almonds and avocados.

Those of you following along, how's your fitness journey coming along?

Until tomorrow...