Eat your Greens!

Sometimes all it takes it a little change to freshen up your eating.  Below is everything you've wanted to know about greens -- nutritional value, why it's good for you and how it helps the body.  Next time, instead of grabbing a head of romaine lettuce for a salad, try one of the many options listed below... your body will thank you!  

Days 2 and 3 Mayham

The night before last, I went to an event here in the city.  Situated in a chic, Georgetown beauty spa, called Nectar, NYC socialite Tinsley Mortimer was in town for her book signing.  Brandlink, a group who is known for its sophisticated and fun parties, was hosting the event, which meant unique cocktails and tasty treats.  As we entered, there was a table with purple cake pops, cupcakes with lavender colored icing and apothecary jars filled with purple hued candy.  Given my recently started Mayham, I had some willpower and only noshed on a single, lone cakepop. And it was delicious. Sticking to my healthy guns, I ordered a vegetable plate for dinner post event -- there really are healthy options at most restaurants -- from a menu that included "lighter fare" of blackened tuna, pan seared salmon burger and Thai noodle chicken salad.

The next morning, I was feeling great and headed to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and then a 60-minute yoga class.  Often gym yoga and studio yoga is different, but the teacher at my gym is great and I really enjoy her class.  We focused heavily on leg strength and balancing, which was similar to the exercises given to me by the physical therapist for bursitis.  Win win.  At the end of class, she has us bring our hands, which are in prayer position, to our heads to remind us to think kind thoughts, to our mouths as a reminder to say kind things and to our hearts as a reminder to do good deeds.

Today, I did a 40 minute run, followed by body resistance work and my legs felt like jello! My first step outside was with heavy legs, which felt like jello as I continued my workout this morning.  I slowed down a bit, but never stopped running, even when it turned into what felt like a slow jog.  No pain, just fatigue.

I have to say, that after the workouts, I want to put good, clean healthy food back into my body, as evidenced by my healthy purple asparagus lunch below.  I'm drinking plenty of water with lemon, both because I like the taste and it helps to alkaline (clean) the blood of toxins. Yum!

Until tomorrow...