How To: An Intro to Meditation

Years have passed since I lived "off the grid," and the further away I've gotten from the time, the more I've let the craziness of daily life get in the way of serenity and a peaceful mind.  For years, literally, I've been telling myself that I at least need to get back to daily mediation.  There's a soothing, quiet hum that envelopes my body and mind that I've missed.  Read on... 

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The Year in Review - 2015

Each year seems fly by more quickly than the next, and this year was no different. Most of the year was full of great events, goals and milestones, but there are definitely a few things on which I need to regroup, re-evaluate and refocus. Last year, I chose mindfulness as my "word of the year" which is something I'll continue working on in 2016. Here's my list for the new year:

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My Word of the Year

It's been awhile -- I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I spent time with family in Maryland and Florida and enjoyed every minute. I slept a ton, worked out, ate delicious food and visited with friends.  Now, it's the first official Monday of 2015 and, like everyone else, back at it! I hope you, too, had a wonderful holiday and are ready to have the best year yet.

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Mindfulness in Schools

I try.  I try hard.  But there’s so much noise that it’s tough to sift through the clutter.  “I should put the laundry in first” or “I have a full inbox of emails that I should tend to beforehand.”  “Should” being the operative word in both sentences. For anyone that has tried meditation, you understand where I'm coming from.  But what about children? Should we be teaching them the practice of meditation?


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Thank Goodness for Active Recovery (Day 9)

Yesterday's workout was really tough.  I had 5 sets to do, and to be honest, I was dreading the workout from the very beginning. Three sets was doable... five sets were going to be a challenge.  What do I do when I'm procrastinating? I clean and pick-up around the house.  That is, until I realize I'm stalling and then I get to the workout staring back at me. What I realized is that when I workout, I have to stay in the moment.  Wishing I was finished with the workout or the race isn't going to get me to the end any faster and it's just going to make the process, and the entire experience, miserable.  This is where yoga is a huge help, and has been beneficial during long, grueling workouts and races.  When I was 56 miles in the bike during the Ironman, and knew I had another 56 miles left (before the marathon) I had to stay present, in the moment, and take notice what was going on around me at that precise second.

Yesterday was no different.

I took each of the four pieces of the workout (one piece of the workout included the 5 dreaded sets) as it came and practiced mindfulness during each, until the last part, which was a run, where I plugged in my iPod and (again) ran to Lil Wayne.  I supposed music is a meditation of a different kind, right?

Today is an active recovery day, which for me means an hour of self-guided yoga later this afternoon.  First, we're off to a Duathlon, in which Doug is competing.  Then the yoga. Post yoga, we're off again and headed to Baltimore, where I'm speaking at a She Does Tri camp for women triathletes of all abilities.  I'm really looking forward to meeting the women and sharing my triathlon experience with them. With all of the running around, it doesn't sound like much of a "rest" day, does it?

Until tomorrow...

P.S. The key lime pie? It was delicious.  With homemade lime infused whipped cream, it was hands down one of the best food items I've ever made.  Doug is not a sweets person, but does really enjoy a slice of key lime pie every now and again, and even he was blown away.  (my words, not his, but still... was yummy!)