Weekend Fun

Weekend's are made for doing what's important - shopping, working out, relaxing and being with friends and family.  Here's what I have on tap this weekend...  

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Making it Count

Yesterday was a run.  Not a long one, but a run nonetheless.  I've been told that running is the one activity from which you can't hide.  Meaning: on the elliptical you can slow down, you can pedal slower on the bike and take the energy down a notch when grinding through a cardio class.  But with running, unless you walk, you can't stop or expend less energy.  When you haven't run in a few days, it hurts. Yesterday's flat course was helpful.  I was having "one of those days" when nothing seemed to go right, I felt stressed and was a little cranky.  Initially, I thought to myself "I'm not going to workout today. I'm in a bad mood, I don't feel like it and I'm unmotivated." Which is exactly the reason I SHOULD have worked out, and in the end, it was the reason I did.

The slow trotting run was about 30 minutes, but by the 10 minute mark, my endorphins were going and I started to feel better.  It wasn't a long run, but it was just what I needed.  With my "bum" left knee, the right hip started to hurt and pull.  With bio-mechanics, when one knee hurts, the opposite hip usually hurts, while your body is trying to overcompensate and take pressure off the injured knee.  What it means to me, is that I need to get back to doing body resistance and strength work, to strengthen my legs and take some pressure off the knee, which would alleviate the pain in my hip.  I also need to foam roll, which hurts like a champ.  Ouch.

While it wasn't an intense workout, I did focus on keeping my spine erect, working the abs, and not slamming my feet into the pavement, making the 30 minutes a conscious workout.  With the creaking hip, today is a self-guided long yoga sequence at home followed by a foam roller session.

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Happy Friday!

And then there were three...

Only three workouts left in the 30 for 30... how quickly the time flies!

Yesterday, I ran the same route as the day before, during the first part of a long cardio workout.  I ran outside and then came inside to jump on the bike trainer. My legs are sore and heavy, and I'm convinced it's because I'm getting stronger.  It's all a process.

I decided to take the route yesterday that has the 1.4 mile climb back towards home.  I have a love/hate relationship with that hill.  I dread it the whole time, but then see it as a personal challenge that I revisit as often as possible.  My first thought in my mind, after the climb, is always "It wasn't that bad.  I will do faster next time!"

The course that I chose was the first course that Doug and I ran together in the winter of 2009.  When I was running yesterday, I was thinking of all of the tips I've learned and picked up that make my running more efficient, such as how to best run up hills, how to best run down hills, the positioning of my body.   Such small tricks, make huge differences!

Today is cardio and strength and tomorrow is a swim workout.  After spending nearly half of my life in a pool, I often have no desire to climb back in, but I know that I feel strong after the workout and I know that it's great exercise.

Until tomorrow....

Feel peaceful after yoga, Happy after running (Day 14)

First, I'm happy that the sun rises before 7am, which means that we are inching our way closer to the summer season.  And for that, I couldn't be happier! More daylight, beautiful weather and more time spent outside... love it! Yesterday, as I was running, I realized how happy running makes me.  It clears my mind and opens it up to addressing any unresolved issues or concerns that I have bouncing around in my mind.  Even yesterday in the drizzling rain, I found myself smiling through each of the different runs that made up the workout.

The workout was tough, and later in the day when I walked up a set of stairs, I could feel the workout (and the preceeding 13) in my gluts.  Yesterday, I ran outside, then ran stairs and then jumped on the trainer for a hard, fixed gear seated ride.  After three times through, I was drenched with sweat and exhausted.

I'm tired from the increased workouts and have been sleeping more, which means falling asleep around 9pm. In the past, I've found that while training or with intense workouts, there's a period of time where I'm so tired, that I can barely keep my eyes open once the sun goes down, but once I push through that intense period, I start climbing back up towards feeling great.  It's all a process.

Today is an intense yoga practice, about which I'm very happy. How's your day look?  Whatever it is you have going on, make it a great one!

Until tomorrow...