2014 #GJ30for30: Day 4

Yesterday's run was taken inside, where I did a combo of the stepper and treadmill.  It was one of those workout's where I felt as if I simply "checked the box" and got it done, although I did feel better afterwards. Today, on the other hand, was intense.  But, I found that I really got into it and enjoyed the workout. Also, a delicious smoothie recipe for a post workout refuel.

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Tone it Up

Did you know that 90% of women have cellulite? I have to tell you, that when I read that statistic 1) I was happy that I was in the company of many other women  and 2) wondered who the other 10% of women were? My only logical thought was that within the 10% fall those who have had surgery and those who are just plain old genetically blessed! And as I'm writing this, I'm silently cursing and visibly scowling the lot of them. Cellulite is formed when fat pushes through the call wall, becomes trapped beneath the skin, and pulls on the connective tissue, creating a dimpled surface on the outer layer of the skin.  While weight is a contributor, the largest factor is genetics. Many doctors say that there is nothing one can do to rid the body of cellulite, but there are some steps you can take to minimize the appearance.

1) Stay hydrated by drinking more water.  The water helps to carry toxins out of your body and when you are dehydrated, the dimples are more noticeable.

2) Avoid excessive amounts (or any) alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. They contain free radicals that are stored in our bodies as toxins.

3) Overhaul your diet. Exchange white bread for wheat bread, drink water rather than soda (even in place of diet sodas) and enjoy more fruits and vegetables.  A sweet treat here and there is doable, but the whole sleeve of Oreos isn't going to help with the dimples (guilty!)

4) Do some cardio, by finding what you enjoy.  Be it running, walking, aerobics or spin class, get moving.  This form of activity burns fat.

5) Incorporate some strength training into your workouts.  By building muscle, you can decrease fat and improve the appearance of cellulite by smoothing out the skin.

Some say that brushing the skin before showering helps to stimulate cell growth, decreasing the appearance of cellulite.  Others swear by spa detoxes and anti-cellulite creams, but this is a perfect example for the acronym K.I.S.S.- Keep it Simple Silly. Eat better and have a consistent  workout regimen.  Start off small and be patient, which seems to be the most difficult for me! In a society where instant gratification is paramount, I want to see changes yesterday.  The metaphorical magic pill of spending large amounts of money on creams or hours you'll never get back at a spa, trying to get rid of something that is genetic and most likely, isn't going anywhere...  Or, you can make small changes, that over time, will end in BIG results.