Wedding Plans :: January Update

It's crazy, in a good way, to know that in a few months, I'll officially be a "Mrs." The name that I've had for my entire life will change and, while it'll take some getting used to, I like the way Hilary Eldridge sounds, but most importantly, I love the fact that it officially makes us a family.  Here's a recap of what we have locked down thus far:

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Wedding Plans: I Found a Dress

To say that the wedding plans are coming along nicely is an understatement.  Short of getting out the invites, we have already knocked out several items on our list.  We've found a venue that we like, talked table arrangements, menu and song for our first dance.  Last night, I decided on the song for my Father/Daughter dance. I've even found a dress.

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Best Day Ever

Early Sunday morning, Doug headed out for a run and I ran downstairs to grab us each a coffee.  We had attended a gala in Baltimore the night before, thought that it would be a late night and opted to stay up there rather than drive home.  Later that day, we were headed to the Redskins game -- the spot where we met 6 years and one week prior.

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Rachel's Getting Married: Bridal Shower

My good friend Rachel is getting married in September, and we recently celebrated this with her and 25 women with a bridal shower. Earlier in the week, while planning for aforementioned shower, I discovered the wonderful place known as Costco. What a spread they have contained within those 4 walls! Everything one can imagine; meats, large blocks of cheese, a bakery, produce... Costco to me is like Disneyland to a child. It visits me in my dreams and I can't wait to go back. But, I digress.

Yesterday, as I was shopping for paper goods and decorations, I realized that this is the third party I have planned in a year, 2 bridal showers and one baby shower, and am considering hanging up my party-planning hat after this one. I tend to have an idea of how I want the decorations to look, the kind of food served and how I want the party to play out and it's hard to "play nicely" when I want things a certain way when others want to help. I make note of my control issues and recognize that this party is not about me and what I want, but about celebrating my friend's upcoming wedding with lots of other wonderful women! And then I think "Hmm... maybe I WILL plan another party!"
Rachel's colors are red, gold and white, so we went with this color scheme for the decorations and the paper goods. The party was planned for 2pm, so we wanted to go with lighter food options, assuming that most women would have eaten lunch before coming to the party. We did a spinach dip and guacamole, mini quiches, spanakopita and fruit. For dessert, Rachel chose a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and beautiful sugar flowers all over the cake. Rachel is the kind of woman that thinks of others often (read: always!) and her reason for choosing this cake, rather than the ubiquitously popular, her first choice and the well loved cupcake, was: "This way everyone can have a sugar flower."
Even when the party was supposed to be all about her, she was thinking of others.  Those are the people that I want to surround myself with... the ones who have every right to make it about them, but do just the opposite.


Congratulations on your engagement Rachel and Mark... I'm looking forward to celebrating with you in a few short weeks.