30 for 30; Last Day 2012

Yesterday was a run.  Not measured in distance, but in time.  30 minutes.  For that time allotment, I ran farther than I had the past 30 days, which means I'm stronger and faster, with a slight improvement in endurance.  It was a beautiful day and I was happy to be outside.  I smiled at others walking, running and biking, with an occasional "Good Morning" (Did you know that smiling at strangers is good for you? Check it out here.) Around the 20 minute marker, my right hip started to hurt. It wasn't in pain mind you, but sore and it ached.  As mentioned in a previous post, it's most likely due in part to overcompensate for my healing left knee.  When one has a bum knee, it results in soreness in the opposite hip.  Body mechanics, sheesh.

As long as I'm moving, the hip is okay.  After sitting for a period of time, it feels as if it locks up and it hurts.  I have to make an appointment for a physical therapist, because it could be a trigger point that needs releasing.  It's not my IT Band, which could be lengthened by rolling on the foam roller,  or my kidney, but in an area closer to a bone. I hobble,  it's not comfortable and happens after I run.

Today, thankfully and appropriately, is yoga.  I'm happy to have the class to work out some of the soreness and also find it appropriate to wind down the 30-day program.

A full recap of the 30 days will come next week, and most likely a few check-ins throughout the year on the fitness front.

Until tomorrow (with a post) and until next year (with the program)....