2014: Days 2-3

Good morning! The feeling of true Spring is in the air (not the faux Spring that was upon us on March 21, the actual start of the season) and it makes me happy.  Birds chirping, the possibility of more outdoor activities and longer daytime hours are all reasons to feel a smidge more joyful. Talking days 2 & 3 and a recap of the Best of U.S. Awards Show.

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And the results are in...

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday... 

The end of 30 for 30 has come and gone... The days flew, my body ached and here we are in May.  But what a great 30 days it was! What did I learn?

  1. To run the mile I'm in.  Wishing for the workout to be over before it even began wasn't going to get me anywhere.  I took each literal and metaphorical step as it came, with each piece of a workout and with the month as a whole.
  2. Nothing is as hard as taking the first step.  Deciding to do something is the first step, but actually doing it is the toughest.
  3. When I workout, food becomes fuel and I want the fuel to be the best possible. I cut back on sugar and cut out artificial sweeteners entirely.  Why? Because when I'm moving my body and working out, I want healthy fuel and don't crave the "junk." Being a huge sweets lover, this is huge!
  4. It's not just about burning the calories, it's about changing your metabolic rate.  Through consistent workouts, one actually changes their metabolic rate, which is the speed at which your body processes food, takes what it needs to sustain itself and repair muscles and then gets rid of the rest.  This means that unused food is not just sitting in your body.
  5. Morning workouts were the best for me.
Now, the real results!
  1. My legs are more toned after just 30 days of various workouts.
  2. The "dimples" on my thighs have greatly diminished.
  3. I lost 4.5 pounds (not quite 5) but gained visible muscle.
  4. I've noticed an improvement not only in my physical appearance, but also in my emotional well-being.  Endorphins are legitimate and I found that I got cranky if I didn't work out.
  5. I slept better, my first thought out of bed in the morning wasn't "need coffee now" and it jump-started a healthy lifestyle that I'd been slacking on for a few months.
Most importantly, this program has really connected me with many of my readers, who shared with me their daily workout struggles and challenges.  That, my friends, has been the most valuable attribute of this experience.  You all kept me honest with this challenge, as I knew I had to "report" everyday on my activities.  I hope you'll each continue your journeys and are as inspired by this challenge, as I am by all of you...
Oh, and I fit in the dress!