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Hilary Phelps is the founder and creative director of Genuine Joy Media Group, LLC. She is a lifestyle consultant and media analyst, as well as an Ironman finisher, a certified yoga instructor, a regular attendee and columnist during NYC Fashion Week, an accomplished baker, a vegetarian, and was the first in her family to begin competitive swimming at the age of 5, prompting her sister, Whitney and younger brother Michael, to follow the same path as they got older. 

Genuine Joy Blog

As an interactive lifestyle website, HilaryPhelps.com features diverse content covering the four central tenets of the Genuine Joy concept: fashion, fitness, culinary and commerce. As creative director, Hilary either pens or hand-picks third-party content from outside contributors. Whether interviews, TV pieces, streaming digital content, or short form editorials, the GJ Blog is your go-to source for diverse, interactive content, that is updated on a daily basis. 

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Leftover Vino Becomes Dessert

Pouring wine into a glass and drinking it is not new nor is it creative :: After a dinner party last week I had a few leftover bottles of red wine. Typically I save them and drink them later, but in an effort to save counter space I was determined to find a way to use them in a new and creative way. With the temperatures soaring and the humidity high, I decided to make a granita, or an Italian ice dessert, using the red wine

Sara's Salsa

My favorite element of being at the beach is the time spent with family. Yesterday was we went to the beach, hung by the pool and laughed together over meals, which we all ate together.  It's nice to come together around the table to refuel, laugh and just talk. Last night, my cousin Sara whipped up homemade salsa and it was delicious.  It was super easy to make and everyone, even the kids, enjoyed it as an appetizer with blue corn chips as well as on top of the tacos. Read on for the recipe.

The Gluten-Free Paradox

Do you know anyone who is "gluten-free" and what exactly does this mean? Many people today are eliminating wheat from their diet, either for health reasons or because they have an allergy.  But, doctors and health care professionals say there is a growing paradox in the gluten free movement.  Read on to learn more. 

Weekend Recap :: Fitness, Farmers Market & a Pop-Up Shop

While it's Wednesday and we're half way to the next weekend, here's a recap of last weekend's fun!

Girls Guide to NFL Pre-Season

This week marks the start of NFL Pre-Season, when all NFL players return from their summer off and get back to practicing for the 2014-15 season. Wondering why it matters and what it means? You’ve come to the right place. Read on.

Weekend Recap :: Family Beach Vacation

Last week, my extended family went to the beach. We made salsa, read, spent time on the beach and ate a boatload of ice cream. This is the second year that we've gone and have committed to making it an annual getaway. Although we talked about changing the location, maybe North Carolina, maybe Delaware, the beach will be the ultimate destination. More often than not, I gain a greater perspective on life when I attend events, travel and spend time with different people and I can say the same for this vacation.  My three take-a-ways:

My New Favorite :: the Bralette

I like dressing up, but I love being comfortable.  And at the end of the day (or whenever I know I'll spend most of the day at my desk) I don't want to pull, tug or stretch anything in order to find that comfort. Enter the bralette.  TMI? Maybe, but if you have never worn one, you really should give it try. Read on.

Beach Trip :: What's in My Bag

This week, our family is at the beach for a vacation, but not just our immediate family -- our extended family, which includes mom, sister, niece, nephew, aunts, uncle and cousins.  We re-initiated the tradition last year after a two-decade hiatus (Below is the photo from our trip 20 years ago). We arrived yesterday and used the day to unpack and settle in, so today we're ready to hit the beach today, full of eagerness and excitement!

Fashion Tech Forum

Tuesday night, I hopped the train to NYC for the inaugural Fashion Tech Forum, presented by Karen Harvey Consulting and Elle Magazine, whose mission is "to provide a platform for fashion, design and technology to connect and collaborate on how to work together in the future."  The invite-only one-day event was held at the Chelsea Piers in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea, on the West side of town.

Written Conversation :: Dr. Stacy Sims, Osmo Nutrition

Written Conversation with Dr. Stacy Sims of Osmo Nutrition :: Osmo was formulated by Dr. Stacy Sims -- by a woman, for women -- and below she explains why it works so well. While the explanation is very science driven, after all, she is a doctor, the answers are also factual and I'm thankful to Dr. Sims for taking the time to break down the science of how women are not small men. Read on for the interview:

Music :: July's Top Ten

There are some days I can't get enough music, whether it's working out or while riding in the car.  But then there are others, where I'd prefer silence.  When I'm doing a high energy workout though, I always want music.  Read on for this month's top 10 songs (according to Run Hundred)

The Infamous Thigh Gap

A few weeks ago, upon completion of a tough workout, I was cooling down in the aerobics room (the one at the gym completely made up of mirrors) and I thought to myself "hey, I don't have a thigh gap!" Admittedly, at first, I was a little bummed out. But in after the 10-second pity-party, I realized that I didn't mind having thighs that touched. But, there's a growing trend on social media on chasing the impossible "thigh gap" and doctors are concerned.  Here's why.