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Hilary Phelps is the founder and creative director of Genuine Joy Media Group, LLC. She is a lifestyle consultant and media analyst, as well as an Ironman finisher, a certified yoga instructor, a regular attendee and columnist during NYC Fashion Week, an accomplished baker, a vegetarian, and was the first in her family to begin competitive swimming at the age of 5, prompting her sister, Whitney and younger brother Michael, to follow the same path as they got older. 

Genuine Joy Blog

As an interactive lifestyle website, HilaryPhelps.com features diverse content covering the four central tenets of the Genuine Joy concept: fashion, fitness, culinary and commerce. As creative director, Hilary either pens or hand-picks third-party content from outside contributors. Whether interviews, TV pieces, streaming digital content, or short form editorials, the GJ Blog is your go-to source for diverse, interactive content, that is updated on a daily basis. 

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Food Finds

One of the things I truly enjoy in life is going to the grocery store. That sounds like sarcasm, but it is one of my most favorite places on the planet. I enjoy checking out new foods and reading ingredients; reading about the way certain food impacts the body.  In the past month, I've tried some delicious new foods and only one that I couldn't finish.  Below, you'll find the photo of the food, a description, where I purchased the product and where you can purchase online. The rating scale is from 1-5, with 5 being the highest recommendation.  Bon appetit!

Healthified Shamrock Shake

First things first.  I have to admit... I've never had a Shamrock Shake. Not because I eat a perfect, 100% healthy diet, but I do believe in clean, healthful eating.  I enjoy dessert and have been known to eat a french fry (or two) in my time, but I do try to eat food that comes as close to it's purest form as possible. The reason is an entirely different post and I've gotten a bit off topic, so, back to the seasonal treat. Keep reading for the "Healthified Shamrock Shake" recipe and history on the seasonal treat.

Difference in Beers with Briana Berg

It started out innocently enough. I was trying to make beer cheese dip with homemade pretzel bites and the recipe called for one cup of ale. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what ale was. Timidly, I asked my boyfriend, and he looked at me like I had two heads. I’ve been of legal drinking age for a few years now and still didn’t know what an ale was? A prominent beer drinker, I could see the confusion on his face. I knew I liked Corona with lime in the summer, and Guinness in the colder months, but anything beyond that and I’m stumped.

Conversations with Genuine Joy

When I started Genuine Joy four year ago, I never wanted to be better than anyone else, but I did want to be the best ME that I could be.  Everyday.  I wanted to grow and evolve as a person and as a website.  With that, I introduce our newest series titled "Conversations." Check out the video to learn more and I truly look forward to our continued Conversations.

Puerto Rico Vacation

We had planned this trip for last year, but I came down with an awful ear infection and couldn't fly for a few weeks.  By the time we went to rebook, the ideal time to vacation in Puerto Rico had come and gone.  We rescheduled for the same time this year, as we had planned for last year; but this year came with a ton of travel for Doug leading up to the vacation.  Here is a snap shot of travels to Puerto Rico.

Phelps' Sisters take Manhattan

My sister, Whitney and I traveled to NYC last week and had a blast.  It was the first time that it was just my sister and I traveling together -- usually the kids, another family member or friends.  But, this time it was just the two of us and I really loved every minute! We are similar in that we both like to get out, walk the city and see the sights, but we also both enjoy time to ourselves to unplug and sleep.  Our trip was was a quick 36-hour turnaround, but it was enough time to see what we wanted to see and catch a fashion show at New York Fashion Week as well.

Corporate Style with Savvy Javvy

Upon conclusion of New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to sit down with the lovely and uber stylish Savvy Javvy to talk about corporate fashion for the business chic woman. An advertising exec by day and a fashion enthusiast, juggling between street wear and corporate chic looks, Java shares with Genuine Joy what you should not wear in the workplace, what every woman should have in her chic closet and ways that you can translate "fashion" into your own "style." 

Everlane: The Company that Can

The story of Everlane is an interesting one, but it's their new take on the traditional business model that's the most intriguing.  Full transparency, no retail outlets and a group of hungry young entrepreneurs from company's such as J. Crew, Gilt Group, Goldman Sachs and Google have seriously established a creative online shopping experience.

Teen Stylin' Fashion Show

Last weekend, I headed a few hours south to Richmond, Virginia for a fashion show.  It had been awhile since I'd made a visit, and I was happy to be back.  First, to see the wonderful family that I consider my "Richmond Family" or my "second family."  Izabela, who is the youngest of the three kids and 16, was in a Fashion Show held at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, where each participant had to apply and were selected to showcase their design skills. 

Fitness Friday: A Confession

Happy Friday! I've been lax in writing the recap -- sorry -- but have been getting in a workout everyday.  Oh, yea... And I have a confession. 

2014: 4 Day Recap

My intention was to run Thursday morning, but my legs were crushed from the double leg-centric workouts on Wednesday, that it was more of a jog/walk.  The plan was do run a four-mile loop, which I still completed, but not by running.  I completed what I had sent out to do, just not in the manner in which I intended.  Sometimes, that happens.  On Friday morning, I went to my favorite yoga class - a 75-minute Ashtanga practice in Arlington. It had been a few days since I'd been to the studio, so it felt really good to stretch my body, focus on my breathing and flow through a class. 

2014 30 for 30: Day 8 and 9

Yesterday was tough. After walking my niece and nephew to school, which was a fabulous way to start the morning, I went to the gym for a leg and cardio circuit. I did the same workout two weeks ago and had sore legs for days.  I can tell I'm getting stronger, because while after yesterday's workout I was sore, I'm not super stiff today.  And then I did another workout last night.  Read more here.