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Hilary Phelps is the founder and creative director of Genuine Joy Media Group, LLC. She is a lifestyle consultant and media analyst, as well as an Ironman finisher, a certified yoga instructor, a regular attendee and columnist during NYC Fashion Week, an accomplished baker, a vegetarian, and was the first in her family to begin competitive swimming at the age of 5, prompting her sister, Whitney and younger brother Michael, to follow the same path as they got older. 

Genuine Joy Blog

As an interactive lifestyle website, HilaryPhelps.com features diverse content covering the four central tenets of the Genuine Joy concept: fashion, fitness, culinary and commerce. As creative director, Hilary either pens or hand-picks third-party content from outside contributors. Whether interviews, TV pieces, streaming digital content, or short form editorials, the GJ Blog is your go-to source for diverse, interactive content, that is updated on a daily basis. 

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Sending Wine Back

While I am far from a shy person, I often find myself having a hard time standing up and voicing my own opinion (I’m reading Lean In and working on it). Anything from telling a retail associate that I don’t want to buy that dress, to telling a friend that I disagree with them, is hard for me. Recently I decided that it was finally time to share my voice. I’ve only exercised this practice a few times lately, but I am particularly proud of one time that I did.

-Briana Berg

7 Tips for Maximizing Restaurant Week

Across the country, cities are gearing up for one of the most wonderful times of the year! And no, I don’t mean Christmas. I‘m talking about summer restaurant week – a week (or sometimes two weeks) where cities and towns host restaurant deals and specials for diners. Three course dinners and two course lunches are offered for a set price with a set menu. Basically, a foodie’s paradise. Here are my seven tips for getting the most out of RW in your favorite town or city.

Leftover Vino Becomes Dessert

Pouring wine into a glass and drinking it is not new nor is it creative :: After a dinner party last week I had a few leftover bottles of red wine. Typically I save them and drink them later, but in an effort to save counter space I was determined to find a way to use them in a new and creative way. With the temperatures soaring and the humidity high, I decided to make a granita, or an Italian ice dessert, using the red wine

A Date with my Son

Last weekend was packed -- sleepovers, dates, birthday parties, road trips, ferry rides, four wheeling, family bonding, and a houseful of exhausted people.  I felt like a taxi driver shuffling kids all over the place, but they were happy and so was I; that was all that mattered. Read on for my one-on-one date with my son:

Out & About :: Brooklyn

Having spent many a day in Manhattan, my days in Brooklyn were limited to only one and that was to seek out a bakery shop, called Dun-well Donuts. When the idea of exploring another borough came up for our recent girls weekend, we all jumped on it.  There were three girls and we had been to Brooklyn a total of five times between us. On this trip, we discovered Smorgasburg and oh, how we loved it!

The Recipe for Success

A few days ago, I read a piece that shared the number on habit of successful people.  Any guesses as to what that could be? It's not what you think.  Well, at least it's not what I thought.

Shopping for a Cause

On Thursday, I hosted an event at the newest Calypso St. Barth boutique in Bethesda with a portion of the proceeds from the night going to support United Way's initiatives in Central Maryland.  I support the United Way on both a global and regional level and got great satisfaction out of knowing that the money raised would benefit those locally. Read on...

My New Favorite :: the Bralette

I like dressing up, but I love being comfortable.  And at the end of the day (or whenever I know I'll spend most of the day at my desk) I don't want to pull, tug or stretch anything in order to find that comfort. Enter the bralette.  TMI? Maybe, but if you have never worn one, you really should give it try. Read on.

Beach Trip :: What's in My Bag

This week, our family is at the beach for a vacation, but not just our immediate family -- our extended family, which includes mom, sister, niece, nephew, aunts, uncle and cousins.  We re-initiated the tradition last year after a two-decade hiatus (Below is the photo from our trip 20 years ago). We arrived yesterday and used the day to unpack and settle in, so today we're ready to hit the beach today, full of eagerness and excitement!

Australia's Active Wear

Move, Nourish, Believe: Those three words stand for the company and the woman behind the brand, Lorna Jane, an Australian company that launched 20+ years ago has grown into the country's favorite active brand.  And for good reason. The clothes are comfortable, on trend and inspiring.

What does "Superfood" mean anyway?

The word is everywhere.  From boxes, to bags to bottles, the word Superfood is plastered across seemingly every shelf in the American store.  Have you wondered what, exactly, that means? Read on...

Dance Like No One is Watching

If you grew up an athlete, then you will relate to the statement I'm about to make regarding fitness.  The harder you push and train, the better and more fit you become.  Do you agree? I've carried that mentality throughout my life when it comes to fitness, but that has changed.  Read on...